I’ve gone through mounds of cookbooks, and they still seem like a drop in the skillet.

The current residents of my kitchen counter:

“My Berlin Kitchen” | {my book review}
Luisa Weiss of  “The Wednesday Chef” blog tells a sweet love story baked with top-notch recipes. The cookbook/memoir is enthralling as-is, but for those of us living in Germany, it’s an especially savory read.

“The Flavor Bible”
My No. 1 tool for successful recipe tinkering. I don’t have x spice, but I don’t necessarily want a 1-for-1 “best” substitute. I want to know: Precisely what other flavors will sing in harmony with this dish? What other directions could I go? The lists under each ingredient – with all caps and bold indicting especially happy matches – are invaluable.

“Joy of Cooking”
I still turn to this classic for basic introductions to ingredients and cooking methods. Think of it as Cooking 101.

“How to Cooking Everything”
Mark Bittman’s modern classic is an updated “Joy of Cooking” in my mind, stocked with sturdy recipes and interesting variations. His unfussy, simple tone is like a helpful extra hand in the kitchen.

More to come …